Renewing our street trees with Flynn Hart

The role and value of trees in Newstead’s streets will be addressed at a Rocket Science talk at the Welshmans Reef Winery on Sunday, July 27th.

Landscape architect Flynn Hart will be the key speaker when the talk kicks off at 3.30pm.

Flynn is a practicing landscape architect and sessional lecturer at RMIT University School of Architecture and Design. He grew up in Newstead and recently moved to Castlemaine after many years in Melbourne.

His company, Pollen Studio, designs public and open spaces including children’s playgrounds, community gardens and other open spaces.

While not an arborist, Flynn is keenly aware of the role and value of trees in streetscapes.

Trees are incredibly valuable assets for communities. Just imagine Melbourne’s Royal Parade without its magnificent trees. It would be a completely different experience, one that sadly threatens to be all too common as our climate continues to change. Without street trees these vital public spaces are an impoverished experience.”

“Newstead without its elm trees would be similar,” Rocket Science Series II co-convenor Genevieve Barlow said. “The old elms have graced the town for decades, providing shade in summer, colour in autumn, stark beauty in winter and a tranquil presence all year round.”

Renewing Newstead’s street trees is a key priority in the town’s community plan which was completed and presented to Mount Alexander Shire Council last year.

Council responded to this priority by highlighting its development of a shire-wide street tree policy and said Newstead’s own community audit of its street trees could be considered in its annual budget allocation for street tree renewal.

“We understand the budgetary and other limits facing council so we are very keen to help move this critical project along by working in partnership with council staff to ensure we continue our forebears’ wonderful legacy of providing shade and beauty for this town’s residents and visitors for decades to come,” Genevieve said.

“We have also invited council’s street tree planner along to our Rocket Science session to give us some insight on the street tree planning process and how council decides what trees to plant where and what plans are already in place for street tree plantings in Newstead. We see this as a key opportunity to inform our community on this process and invite residents and others to come along to be part of the discussion on July 27.”

Rocket Science talks are informal, information sharing forums to educate and inspire. The first series began in 2008. The current series is funded by Mount Alexander Shire with a ‘Strengthening Our Community’ grant.

Details: Genevieve Barlow 0427 762 633



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