Transition Towns

I had heard the term “Transition Towns” some time last year but had not really connected with the concept until listening to an ABC podcast in recent days. It was on the subject of food security and featured Patrick Holden. The program blurb reads:

“There are many who are extremely concerned by the threat posed to agriculture by climate change and a world running low on fossil fuels. But when Patrick Holden first started to consider the implications of trying to run his organic farm without fuel or even electricity, he became so alarmed he re-thought his entire philosophical approach to organic farming.
He explains why we need to fundamentally change the way we produce our food and how this shift can be achieved.” You can listen to the podcast at

I found the program really interesting which compelled me to do some research. Here is what I found out.

The Transition Model is a loose set of realworld principles and practices that have been built up over time though experimentation and observation of communities as they drive forward to build local resilience and reduce carbon emissions. Transition Town Totnes (TTT) is the UK’s first “Transition Town” and draws on the collective genius of the local community to build resilience through a process of  relocalising, where feasible, all aspects of life.  The thinking behind TTT is simply that a town using much less energy and resources than currently consumed could, if properly planned for and designed, be more resilient, more abundant and more pleasurable that the present.  There some useful background at


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